This question has probably been through here a million times, and the major answer is they are obviously eating something else.
And I do have some background in plant science, did turf management for many years and know about the lime and fert. and soil and chemicals and that stuff.
Well here goes. They are not hitting my food plot like anybody would think. And never have since I have been planting it.
Every year I tell myself that after the acorns are gone they will start hitting it, or when it gets cold enough they will start. But it never happens. First of all, I don't have the ability to plant more than one plot because of acreage and we have cows. Another bizarre thing is my friend that owns the land bodering me, has a food plot not far from mine and they tear it up. We always plant ours the same day, buy seed at the same time at the same place and together. but his is much more productive that mine.
Would yall think that there is something in the soil that makes the plants in his more desirable than mine?
We both plant oats, wheat, crimson clover, white clover, red clover, alyce clover, rape, and austrian winter peas. My oats have seed heads on them. The rest is just real tall like a spring time hayfield.
But there is more. Other than just hitting his food plot over mine, it seems as if they eat the fescue and poa anna grass in the pastures and hay fields bordering are land moreso than they do the food plot intentionally for the deer. They also love the ryegrass that we plant in select pastures for cattle grazing.
And I also do not think it is hunting pressure. I killed one deer in it out of 5 years. And I don't hunt it because, I don't see deer!!
Sorry for long read, but please give me some suggestions. Thanks.