The 800 ac. State Park, just north of New Johnsonville, TN is making a Landgrab. This is a 200 acre tract, in Humphreys Cty. This tract, owned by TVA, hosts "All Game Hunts," and is designated as "OpenHunting". And, Yes, its great hunting!
This "Hunting Land" borders the Park and Tennessee River water.
The Park has ask TVA, to Lease or give them the land. The significant water frontage would give them much room to poke their "Keep Off" signs.
But one bad part, is that the Park has been using all people of influence it can find ,to pressure TVA to go along. And for one year now.
Another bad part, is that the Park, etc has kept it so quiet, it was six months before the County Government found out about it.
Another bad part, still, the County is not going to represent any of the hunters who take take game from there.
This push began January, 2012.
Now you know.
It is now your responsibility to other hunters.
Don't write me, I only vote, just like you.