I have plans on trying to create a couple small food plots on some family land in the mountains. Elevation is roughly 2500 ft. on the top of a mountain. There are a couple fields that used to be garden plots years ago. They both are currently covered in pretty thick grass. There are a couple apple trees and walnut trees between the two fields which are only 20 yards apart or so(An old logging road separates them). The rest of the property is steep mountains with many oaks and beech trees.

Field #1: 150 yards x 75 yards
Field #2: 60 yards x 40 yards

We have an older 650 John Deere tractor that has the boxed in tillers about 5 ft wide.

I intend to put out a mineral block as well as a salt block. There is a small natural spring about 200 yards down the hill that I intend to dig out bigger.

At this climate/elevation/plot sizes what food does everyone recommend planting?