I was wondering if any of you would be interested in having a hunt at Meadowbrook Game Farm in Sumner County? I have had a ball hunting over there myself through the years. Richard and Ms. Wilma Denning (owners) are some wonderful folks. I'm proud they are friends of mine. Anyway, I thought it would be a great way to meet new members. Also, it might be the first time that some folks have had a chance to hunt Pheasant. If you enjoy watching some top notch dogs work and have a chance hunting behind them, then you will thoroughly enjoy this hunt. I spoke with Richard last night and he said that he could accomodate up to 30 folks in a day if need be, of course that would be morning and afternoon hunts. Depending on how we broke the birds up (#Pheasant vs #Chukar vs #Quail), it should cost $140 or less per person. BTW, that includes cleaning and packaging of the birds. I figure having it around the end of Feb or the first of March on a Saturday would be good. The weather should be getting better by then, and everybody will be getting itchy to get back outdoors. Richard also said that we could set up a bar-b-que and do some cooking if we want. I'm gonna post a link to their websight below (if this is not okay mods please delete). If any of you get the Farm Bureau magazine, you will see one of their dogs on the cover of the November issue along with a story inside. Please check your schedule and make sure that you will be available, as we will have to give as accurate a number as we can the day before. It's looking like it will have to be on either Feb 23rd or March 2nd. To book a whole day as this, we have to plan early as they already have some reservations in Feb booked. Let me know what ya'll think. Thanks.


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