Well, I thought I'd try something new. Take some sausage, cook it into cups in the oven, and slice the cups apart to use as a quick breakfast. Crack an egg into the cup, then pop it in the oven to cook the egg. Unfortunately, it didn't work as planned. But here's how it went:

Dino's hot breffus sausage

Nonstick muffin tin

Flatten out entire package of sausage into a thin sheet (Fail #1....it didn't come up easily)

Nonstick spray on the underside of the muffin tin (for easier cleanup, not simple removal of the cups)

Lay the sausage sheet on the underside of the muffin tin. You can see where the failure started rolling downhill. The "sheet" tore easily, and I had to cut off some of the drawn up side that wouldn't cover all three rows. I used this to pinch off little patches that tore through.

Take note of the by-themselves cups. They are the ones made by taking a small handful of the leftovers, then smashing it down by hand, one at a time. Going forward, this will be the preferred method. Oh, laying the muffin tin on a cookie sheet is definitely a smart move.

Starting out nicely (in a 350 oven)

Yeah, not so much. The connecting "bridge" in between cups began to draw up, turning my nice layer of cups into a rumpled sheet of sausage. YOu'll notice the individually formed cups at the back end doing very well by themselves. Also, this is right after I flipped the tin over to let the grease drain out of the indentions on the top of the sheet.

Finished product. The indented sheet just didn't cup out as intended. The individual cups worked perfectly, and would hold a cracked egg or a scrambled egg liquid. The possibilities are endless. I think some of the dented sheet cups will work OK, but I won't hold out too much hope. Either way, it's not a complete failure if you can still eat the poorly formed portions. Dino's Hot Breffus Sausage gets a THUMBS UP in my book.
Everything important in life was learned from Mary Jo Kopechne.