I was reading on the web that Winchester is making their Model 70's in Portugal and some say in SC. Well, I went to their FB page and asked the question regarding the assembly of the new M70's and some quality control issues that I've been reading about. This is the reply I got

"We have made the decision to have the Model 70's assembled in Portugal starting in 2013. This is totally so that we can better meet our demand for this product so that we can fill more orders to our dealers. This is no way a reflection on the quailty. There is nothing wrong with the quality we are doing this to provide more deliveries. The gun will still be made in the USA only now just assembled in Portugal."

What a load of crap!!! American's cannot assemble them as fast as the people in Portugal? Let me get this straight. Winchester makes the parts, and then sends the parts to Portugal to be assembled, and then they send the rifle back to the US? How is this cutting cost, time, and resources to assemble a product?

I will not buy another Winchester product again post 2013, unless it's made in the US by American's. I'm sick!!!
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