Last year I proposed a change to mimic Mississippi's muzzleloader season here which would allow the use of single shot rifles and shotguns during the muzzleloader season, being that muzzleloaders are not really primitive weapons any longer and a single shot rifle or handgun chambered in a .35 caliber or larger cartridge that was a previous black powder cartridge like a 38/40, 44/40, 45/70, current handgun cartridge or a single shot shotgun with the foster style or sabot slug offers no advantage over a muzzleloader and in some ways not be as good as a muzzleloader. I am making another presentation this February and would like some feedback. Please view the survey and answer accordingly.

Here is Mississippi's Regulation:

single or double barreled muzzleloading rifles of .38 caliber or larger

single shot, breech loading cartridge rifles of .35 caliber or larger

single or double barreled shotguns loaded with a single ball or slug

Initially it was the "sharps" and 1885 hi-wall style rifles that were legal, but it was so confusing on how the "original, replicas, and reproductions" portion was allowed to be used, they opened it up to ANY breech loaded single shot rifle, .35 caliber or larger

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