I have been wanting to have a eye in the sky on my spot when I am not there. I wanted it in the air vs. on the ground so I could see a broader range. Anyway this was a quick 30 min. get-up using what I had laying around, but it works great.

I made it so that it swivels left to right, and I can easily tilt it up and down to get the right view I want. Been there 4 days, so far so good. The plotwatcher camera already has a 1/4-20 female thread on the bottom, so i just used a 1/4-20 bolt as my "tripod". There could be some improvements (such as a wing nut on the eyebolt end for easy loosening), which I may do later, but I wanted it up ASAP so I could see what this cold front brings around while I am working.