This is a prime example of what happens with good food, sanctuaries and lots of stand choices resulting in limited pressure. For the naysayers that claim big bucks don't venture forth on food plots during daylight, he was killed at 4:00 PM making a scrape on edge of plot. Taxidermist said that he thought that we'd be surprised when he pulled the jaw bone, as he is probably younger than what we thought.

23 1/2" inside spread
22" main beams
6" bases
184 lbs.
152 3/4" B&C

Robbie & XXL 12-7-2012 by Bullet Hunting Club, on Flickr

XXL Tongue Out 8-21-12 by Bullet Hunting Club, on Flickr

One of the guys just sent me a pretty cool video of him working a scrape a few days before he was killed.

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