Looking for Brown...

And ended up with Green!

I might as well share the story. It's gonna get out before long. Maybe it will be forgotten soon. Jeff and I fished Cherokee yesterday trying to find a few fish for the tourney next week. Fishing was slow and we were exploring a dock neither of us had ever fished. As I headed back into the docks I saw some ducks and they moved on out our way... no b
iggie. Well as luck would have it, on my next cast as soon as my jig hit the water the drake decided to take off. As you guys know, a duck climbs as straight up as possible when they are flushed... this time it wasn't straight enough as he hit my line which was falling to the water in the wind. As he reached about 12-15 feet high the line was tight and the jig skin hooked him in the wing. Back to the water he came as if he had been shot. I don't know who was more shocked... the duck, me or Jeff! As I tried to stay calm and keep the duck from under the docks as he wanted to go, Jeff was screaming for a picture. I was having none of that as I asked him to take the rod as I hand reeled the old greenhead to the boat. Talk about a fight... he was headed for deeper water when he saw us as I pulled him from under the docks! When he surfaced in one swoop I had him in the boat and was calling for the pliers. Dr Jeff cut the barb off the hook and I was able to feed it back out the skin without any more damage. The entire time the duck remained extremely calm as Dr Jeff was at work! Of course I didn't hold on to him long enough for Dr Jeff to get his wish of a picture! No harm, No foul... well, maybe waterfowl!

If yesterday was any indication as to how the tourney is going to go for us, we might as well bring our shotguns. I was picking at Jeff all day telling him to get down, here they come. Man the ducks and geese were everywhere. As it turned out, the joke was on me!
Know God, know peace. No God, no peace!