Got 2 nice beaver on this slide:

muskrat in a bottom edge 330:

first coon in a cubby, 18#male

I had the bright idea to move this guy away from the set and then shoot him to keep from getting blood all over a good set. I put the catch pole over his head and as soon as the trap was off his foot the rodeo was on. He bucked out of the loop...luckily my pistol was ready and I was able to shoot him on the fly.

It took three sets to catch this coon. He reached into a 155 cubby, set the trap off and was caught high ont he arm. Pulled out as evidenced by the rub on in his arm. Walked 10 feet over to a dog proof, pulled it out of the ground but didn't reach in. Went up the bank 30 feet and caught in a dirt hole.

Love these cubbies.

Weren't coming easy last week. That's not my truck. A hunter beat me to her, I think he was going to shoot her if I didn't pull up. 30# female.

Bottom edge set