i hope am doing this right hi, to all i moved here from fl, 4 years ago and a year before moving to the fine state of tn, i found this site and have been hooked since then, im 46 have a wife 2 kids (22)and (15) and (2) dogs, like most of you iv been hunting since i was 10 but grew up hunting swamps and pine thick-its, i thought i new alot about deer and hog hunting well when i moved here and started to hunt these hills lets just say it was back to school but thanks to all and your no how am seeing deer i took my 1st and 2nd buck just this season so i just want to thank you all i really miss my old hunting buddys down home in fl, but thanks to all you have made my hunting here alot of fun so thanks for the pic,s and post. e.l.k