anybody use these peoples stuff?? I never heard of them and was looking for a more solid base for the 338 Lapua and I have room in my scope for the additional 20 minutes of adjustments,,

I use a 300 zero with the 250 gr bullets and have 40 MOA down and 70 MOA up from there,,at Rockcastle last w/e it took 59 MOA to make 1525,which put me 11 MOA from being maxed out in elevation,with this 40 MOA base I would have 31 MOA left from 1525 and still be able to get down to 100.

at some point I want to give a Mile a try and maybe even waste some bullets at 2K

I assume the base that came on the Savage rifle is aluminum as it has come lose twice already and I want steel,,but have never used this company but like the looks of the base..price is in line with Mark 4 and Nightforce but has the 40 MOA option the others dont..
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