Ok this is probably gonna sound stupid but here we go.

I want one of those big cricket boxes like they have at bait shops where you buy crickets.
I can build one, but if they aren't too expensive I was just wondering if you could buy one.
Or, more accurately, where I suppose.

Also, I wonder if a bait dealer would sell to an individual? Not sure how many crickets I would have to buy though.

Now, I wonder about climate control for them.
I would probably have to put it in the carport, where it would be exposed to the temps but not enclosed where they couldn't get air.
I assume they would survive like that?

Lastly, how long would they live if they had ample food and / water?
Not sure if crickets actually drink or get their water from their food?

Reason I am wondering all this is I absolutely love to fish with crickets but if I don't have any I have to drive 30 minutes one way to the nearest store that sells them, unless walmart has some and in that case I am still looking at a 40 minute round trip for bait.
Kinda takes the fun out of just running over to the pond that is 5 minutes from the house to catch a mess of bream.

Anyway, I figured the easiest and quickest way to find out was post on here. \:D
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