This feller came tearing out of a tree line about 40 yards in front of my ground blind. He was real nervous and the way he came out, I was sure there was something after him. He stood in the edge of the field and kept looking back into the woods. I waited but nothing happened. I decided to go ahead and take him before he went back into the woods and as soon as I shot, I say another white tail waving at me down in the woods. I'm almost certain that he was being chased by another buck. I thought I saw horns as the other deer ran off. I sure wish I could have known what was lurking in the tree line that made this guy so nervous. None the less, I'm tickled to death with this buck. He is a new deer that I've never seen. And for all the people that say the rut is long gone, this guy was stinking to high heavens. His tarsals were dripping wet and black as coal. An his neck was swollen up like crazy. I say some light chasing about 1-1/2 weeks ago, and I think the rut is in full swing at my honey hole. I've had 3 new rubs turn up in the last few days. It was a good morning and I'm happy and thankful to have the chance at another great deer!

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick!