I am very seriously looking at a gun that will be primarily used for coyote hunting.
The last time I looked at a Savage, other than the smokeless muzzleloader, basically they were crap.
From what I have heard they have turned things around and are making a name for themselves in accuracy.
I know I like the accutrigger.

Looked at a pretty neat Howa today that was full camo, including the scope, that caught my eye.

I am a sucker for the full camo \:D
Kinda like a woman when looking at shoes I guess.

Really don't know what rifle I want to be honest. I was dead set on the R15 till I picked one up, didn't like it.

I have narrowed the calibers to: 22-250, 223 or the 204 Ruger.

Give me the pros / cons and all that jazz if you were gonna get you a new rig.

I don't think I want a big heavy barrel rifle, rather have one a little more "mobile" and throw a Harris bi-pod on it or something.

Don't want to spend a fortune but I do understand you get what you pay for (most times)

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