So this morning I'm looking around a local gun s tore here in Texas, I asked to see a rifle, it was a Sendero chambered in 7mm RUM, the guy proceeds to hand me a different rifle, a savage 110FCP in .338 Lapua. At this point I'm pretty pissed! He then tells me "this is what you need, it will shoot out to a mile". Mind you I'm pretty well versed on rifles, calibers, and cartridges. I then tell him its not really what I'm looking for because I'm looking for a long range deer hunting rifle that I can afford to reload for and I already have brass for the RUM. I know the ultra mags ain't too cheap on reloading but are cheaper than the Lapua. So I get done looking at the Sendero and put it back.

I then ask if they have anything in .260 the guy asks another guy and he says no. So at this point I'm about to walk out the door and he says "why do you want a .260? A .270 will do everything it will better." So being nice instead of making him look like an idiot, which he was, I told him I wasn't interested in a .270 because I already have one. Then he gets a remington 700 AAC-SD down and says "this is what you need, a .308." At this point I turn around and walk out.

I have nothing against a .308, .270(I hunt with one), or a .338 Lapua. I just don't want one right now. When I go into a gun store, I usually know what I'm looking for. I don't need someone else telling me what I need! !
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