Ok,so I said I was giving up archery hunting..Sold my crossbow a few weeks ago,and decided I was gonna give it up so I wouldn't pressure the deer on the properties I hunt..Well in those few weeks time, I've had second thoughts..LOL While scouting i find myself saying "this would be a good bow setup" and so on.So here we are..LOL IM looking at a Martin Ridge hunter over on archery talk.

I shot a compound for the first 3 years of archery hunting,and then switched to a crossbow for the other 2.I think im gonna switch back to compound and buy a good used one and just take it easy during archery season and not go all out like I usually do.I'll hunt the weekends only and only when its cool,and if I get a deer,thats good and if not thats ok too..But back to the question at hand...How are Martin bows? Good,bad, or ok???
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