so i did call the twra in nashville yesturday and talk to the law enforcement department and asked about baiting deer during the season cause few places like pointdexters told me that using few products were legal to use,but i found out otherwise from the twra,good thing i didnt take pointdexters advice,they told me that it cannot be a actual grain or solid food source like corn,acorns or etc,but can use a mineral block or lick block as long as it contains over 51% salt,they said that c'meere deer is legal but only the liquid not the powder or grain type,so hopefully they will post on there site soon which ones are or not legal during season cause five people told me there was alot of confusion about that before i finaly talked to the main guy in the law enforcement department,but i forgot his name,lol 615-781-6500 ask for the law department theyll transfer you if you have questions,there really freindly there,well good luck fellow hunters

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