I posted this in the Classifieds also:

Here is my dilemma, I bought a Leupold 3x9x50 scope off of a member here a while back to put on my Ruger 7mm Rem Mag.(old style tang safety) Well, the issue I ran into is the existing rings are not tall enough and the frt. bell hits the barrel.

I am looking for a set of blued High or Ex. High Ruger style rings. Now they are an offset pair (meaning the frt and rear are different heights, due to the receiver)If my memory serves me correctly I can us the taller rear ring in the frt and only need the ex. high ring for the rear or visa versa.

Does anyone have any they are not using or any ideas????


PS: I am in no hurry, I have all winter to work on this.

Thanks in advance.
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