Didn't make the best shot on the deer. He laid there for 5 min and thought he was down for good.... i was wrong .... the neck shot was the 2nd shot after he got up and ran like all was good with him.... The bullet only traveled about 4" though his neck just under the skin. Had to track this one 400 yards and the last 100 with out blood, so glad it had rained the day before or it would have been much harder. This is the best deer to come from my wife's family farm to date. Any guesses on score........ Also shot a fat old doe about 15 min after i shot this one. was a good day saw 4 bucks and just 2 does ........ there on the move for sure. Good luck everyone, the rut is kicking in in west tn !!!!!! bout time \:\)
Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet

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