Hey guys,

I am hesitant to post this because I don't want to impose or be seen as a mooch but would anyone know of a good place to go or care to take a fella hog hunting? Really didn't wanna ask on here but I don't have any friends/family in hog hotspots nor do I know a good place to go without spending like 1500-2000$ on a weekend trip.

Obviously I would only want to hunt somewhere that is legal to do so. I have ZERO interest in shooting a deer or a turkey so no worries there; I would let any buck, doe, or gobbler walk regardless. I always make sure I am a good steward of the land and am more than willing to repay the favor by helping with working the land, building some shooting houses, cooking for a group, or coming off some $$$ (please be reasonable though as I am young and not really well off).

Hope I dont' get bashed too much for this.. again, I am not trying to solicit just wondering if there is someone out there generous enough to let me sit in the stand a time or two. I understand if not, it is hard to trust people nowadays. I hope it is not innappropriate to start a thread such as this.

Last but not least, in addition to helping out the landowner, I will also donate $50 to TNdeer.