Just thought Id take a minute to update my old thread about the plot I split in half with Eagle Beans and these Dyna-gro Group 7 beans. Here is the link to the orginal thread. Eagles vs Dyna gro Group 7

Here are some shots from this morning. As you can see, I had a bad weed problem toward the end, mainly marestail. I could have gotten rid of more of the grasses with one more spraying back in the summer.

Dyna Gro on Left and Eagles on right

You can see the Eagles got really tall despite the dry summer and still managed to produce a lot of pods and good sized beans, even though they are a forage bean.

The DG group 7's are a long season ag bean. Meaning they are meant to produce beans, and they did. They never did achieve the height of the Eagles, but I didnt expect them too.

Here is some side by side shots.

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