I had a chance to slip out for a few hours on Sunday so I headed to one of my least favorite places in the park. It's close to the house, however I typically avoid it like the plague due to it being one of the most pressured streams in the Smokies. That all changes in the winter and it becomes a pleasure to fish.

My drive up past the institute.

The water was low. Typical in winter.

And clear.

The fish were biting.

I did catch alot of this years fry. Always a good sign.

The water looked great.

I'm assuming these are little winter stone flies. At times, I would be covered with them. They crawl out of the water on the rocks before flying and since I'm scrambling on the rocks, they naturally crawled on me.

Between 2:15-2:45 I had fish hitting on almost every cast.

The flavors of the day. One of which is falling apart. I'm too cheap to throw it out, so I just keep fishing it. The fish don't seem to mind.