Ive been posting on some other threads about creating a thicket on my small piece of property (36 acres). The highlighted in blue is what i own what is highlighted in green is what i had clear cut 2 years ago and where my house is currently. The pink rectangle is what i plant in a food plot every year and the pink dot is my only current treestand. I had several other options to hunt this property years ago but due to the undergrowth of all the beech trees im no longer able to hunt those spots. The top of the hill is and old over grown field that is scattered with some small hardwood trees and mostly pines and cedars. Ive been thinking of having another clear cut on the property to try and draw more deer to it. There isnt much in the way of deer beds on my property very sparatic when i find them and seems like the deer are more passing thru and most of the mature deer i get on camera are at night. My thought was the draw or hollow having it clear cut and letting it grow up as a thicket but im not sure if i can get a logger to come in and do that small area. What are some of everybodys thoughts on how i could maximize this small peice to draw/hold more deer.
The black across the road is 183 acres i will be leasing this coming spring. It hasnt been hunted or had a deer taken off it in at least 15 years according to the landowner. It is all hardwoods with a few very mature pine/cedar thickets but not much to amount to anything.