Sitting here with the flu, wife told me to be productive today and find my christmas presents!!!!

I want some trees-bushes to plant on our farm to benefit wildlife. Our farm is roughly 250 acres with no cross fences and is very open! My Grandfather and Dad think the less to bushhog around the better!!

Alot of the old fence rows only have left some crooked hackberrys, and some big cedars. Usually several blow down every year due to nothing around to hold them up anymore, and I plan on adding theses trees in to take the place of the crap trees.

We have very few oaks, so I thought that Id go for alot of Sawtooth Oaks and some of the faster producing varietys.

Also have a few places that Im going to try to introduce some berry bushes in a few areas, with proper fencing to allow growth.

All that being said, are there nurserys in the Midstate area that has good quality plants that are wildife friendly.

Ive also looked at the online sources such as NativNurserys and such and they seem to have good prices on packages of trees and bushes. I know Ed Fort was a great source before going out.

Id love to hear from all of you with knowledge or resources

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