I went fishing last saturday on the Coosa, when I got to the ramp my right trailer tire was going flat. I got out my truck jack to change the tire, its a job as you have to jack up the frame, block the frame then jack up the axle to get clearance. A gent who showed up behind me offered me his floor jack, made the job easy! Changed tire complete before he was done launching. Fast forward 5 hours later, gent is coming down river with a boat in tow that had problems. I let him get past and then thinking about it I followed, asked if he needed any help wich he did not. Then hit the ramp, loaded and waited for him to come in safe and sound. Nice to see someone help others and not take/want anything in return. I know have a small floor jack in my boat for the next time....
"Gun Free Zones are for VICTIMS!"
John 15:13