I'm seeing a lot of threads asking about processing, butchering & DIY deer cutting.

(I hope it's OK to post this link.)

I bought this $12 DVD a few years ago from Virginia's Dept of Game & Fisheries & it has saved myself a many of my friends hundreds if not thousands of dollars in processing fees.

It is on of the most well thought out, detailed & above all simple to follow tutorials I've ever seen. The DVD goes from field to table, showing every cut made of every cut of meat from the deer. It is so simple to follow, after watching it I had a friend's 11 year old daughter butcher her own deer!

A Professional Guide to Field Dressing, Skinning & Butchering White-tailed Deer

This is seriously the BEST money I've ever spent on hunting.
Wooden bows, Lever actions & Blackpowder. All a body needs!