Sorry long read!

So my son, is not my blood son, but he is mine! I wasn't there when he was born, but when I married his Mom both he and his sister became mine. I got a microwave family.

Anyways his other dad was a big hunter, but doesn't do it the way I do. They hunt over timer feeders. Shoot any deer spots, buttons, brown its down. (Another state)

I have been trying to teach him different. First thing we did was take hunters Ed. Then I force him to use what he learned there about ethics. But I also make it fun. With his other dad deer camp is serious time. No talking, complaining basically no fun for what was a 8 and 9 year old back then. So when we became a family he was not pumped about deer hunting. Although he killed a spotted fawn and a small doe, with his other dad. he didn't want to go.
I changed the whole approach we worked with me in my first food plots. We checked cameras year around and we always mad it fun.
Now things have changed and his other Dad got in some trouble and he can't ever own a firearm ( which he found out a ML too the hard way) so if I want to pass down what I say is the ethical way I can

Ok her comes my dilemma. We just aren't seeing deer. It is a lot harder hunting with two people I know, but our turnip plots look really good but the deer aren't interested. An now that we aren't seeing them my son is losing interest.

Any advice? I don't want to push him and force him to go. He has had that and he got to hate hunting because that's when he got yelled at was expected to know what he was doing and not being taught. I just want him to enjoy it. In early bow season when we were seeing deer he was excited but they have really dropped off.

What can I do to make sure I get him to see that it's not really about killing deer that I enjoy, but how watching a tree rat for 15 minutes or turkeys come through can make a trip great?

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