Before anyone jumps on the band wagon and bashing Tasco quality, etc. I am not a huge fan of their product, but I purchased (2) 3x9x40 World Class scopes back in the early 80's. I mounted one on my .444 Marlin and the other on my .30-30 Marlin, I have killed plenty of deer with both guns and never had an ounce of trouble with either scope.
Well, my problem was I had put Butler Creek flip up lens caps on the .444 and then decided I didn't really care for them and removed them. I actually sold a bunch of them in a garage sale this past summer.................well, I pull the .444 out of the safe to use it this season and realize the rubber eye piece ring on the scope is missing. I am like wtheck, then it hit me............I bet it came off with the lens cover. Yep, the ones I sold last summer.
So, I get on line and contact ABO, Inc who now covers all Tasco parts, service and repairs. The gentleman was very helpful and pleasant, and took my order last Thurs. and I received the eye ring in todays mail. Now, it was not free or anything, we are talking nearly 30 yrs ago that I purchased the scopes, but the fact that they had them (in stock) and I had them in two business days is pretty good as far as I am concerned.

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