the other thread about the WMA gate being closed at dark on a deer hunt got me thinking, why would they close the gate at the set time when some deer hunters are guaranteed to be late getting out because of dragging a deer out?

I am just glad they left the gates open at Williamsport for the draw hunts. Yesterday I finally shot my limit (2 deer) with less than 10 minutes of legal shooting light left. They were the first two deer I saw on hoof all weekend so they got no mercy from me. I had to dress em, drag em uphill to a logging road, go back to truck with gear and get the cart, go back to the deer, strap 2 deer onto a hand truck and haul em back partially uphill, did not drive out of the gates until 2+ hours after dark, because I had 2 deer all by myself and thats a lotta work. Glad the people there are understanding, not sure why some public land rangers would be so stiff about the rules without giving consideration to deer hunters who have to drag their kill out from way back in a holler at dusk.