The earliest and latest I've ever killed before. Earliest in the morning, and latest in the year. After failing miserably on opening day, I was glad to overcome more of a challenge Sat morning early to get a deer that I had previously passed on the opener, in hopes that the bigger buck would come back thru. I had nicknamed him corkscrew, after getting to see him within 15 yds on the opener but letting him pass. He came thru following a doe early while it was extremely foggy still, and when I got my rifle up, my scope had fogged up a bit as well. It was a tough shot as he was moving thru the brush after the doe, but I was determined not to "hesitate" again. After the shot, I was kinda unsure b/c of the fog and all, but I got down, found blood, and tracked him for about 75-80 yds and found him. I'm tickled to have gotten him.


Amateurs: Built the Ark

Professionals: Built the Titanic