after we got up there I found out that they dont allow you to shoot their steel with anything bigger than 300 Win Mag,,which I can understand,to shoot the 338 LM you have to bring your own or shoot paper,,except for one 50 BMG rated 17x21 flash target at 1525 yards.

my dope calls for 59.3 minutes elevation at that range and I put in 3.5 minutes of wind and the first shot was good in the wind in the ground about a foot low,,came up 5 clix and made good hits on 8 out of the next 9 shots..
this 338 has serious advantage at long range in wind over anything I have ever shot,,the 4.5-14 LR/T M1 even cranking in four full turns of elevation,60 MOA,,is dead nutz and comes back exactly to zero even after going to 1525 yards and back,,

I think I am gonna run out of elevation before I can try a mile but if I can change the 20 MOA base to a 40 I should still be able to come down to 100 and adjust out to around 1800-1825.
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