CRAZY morning in Giles Co.

Tried Buck Bomb for the first time (doe estrus). Sprayed a little on a scrape a couple of hundred yards from the stand and then a little on my boots for the walk in. Also a short spray on the trail 15yds from the tree. An hour later a spike is hot on my footsteps, I thought he was going to go straight to my tree.

A little after that the woods exploded. Deer flying by at Mach 1, first right, then left, then back to right. A nice bodied 6pt was pushing these deer back and forth, yearlings and does.
A nice doe finally stopped 27yds from me, ideal broadside. But I think she was so keyed up from the buck that when that arrow released, she dropped and it just missed.
27yds, and a complete miss! And to add insult to injury, I lost the arrow.
To a deer, every human is a stump.
To a turkey, every stump is a human.