My wife was off work yesterday and wanted to go hunting with me so i told her to be ready when i got home from work. Well i got home about 3:20 pm she was waiting at the door, threw my camo on, grabbed my rifle and off we went. Pulled up to my grand dads farm about 3:50. We got out, ran all the cows off from around us, started walking through the pasture and off the hill to where we would set up. Just as we started off the hill we jumped a doe and this buck about 15 yards from us bedded down on the wooded hillside. They took off down the hill, i hollered at him he stopped about 50 yards away BANG end of story. The hunt lasted a total of about 10 minutes but its ten minutes i will never forget! The best deer i have ever took and being able to share the hunt with my wife was a plus. I did not figure they would be rutting in North Alabama yet after seeing a 7 point and a spike running together 2 weeks ago but guess after this cold spell and full moon they are. If someone could post the picture for me i would appreciate it. I can email or text the picture. Thanks