About a half hour of light left, I was set up on a thicket opening into oak trees. I hear something coming at a dead run. A doe fawn scampers out, stops looks around, makes a big circle then darts back in the thicket around 50 yards further down. Hot on her heals comes a....button buck. He didn't exit the thicket but stopped just inside. He must have spotted me because stomped a few times, blew, and then went back where he came from. I had a hard time getting a good glass on him but there appeared to be knobs on his head.

So was this a doe fawn in heat? She was not a particularly large fawn. But he was clearly dogging her and she was clearly trying to get away. I have seen a mature buck chasing a fawn in November before, who was in heat by the way she was acting (it was in KY and I had filled by buck tag, so I shot that doe finding out she was a fawn).