This summer I worked on my uncle's Marlin 336 in .35 Rem. It's only purpose was to keep deer meat in the freezer and believe me it did a darn good job of it. He got the rifle in 1975 used and when I got it in 2012, it had never ever been thoroughly cleaned. Not to mention, the lever action was stuck open. So I decided to take it apart to undo the lever. While I had it apart, I decided to do a cosmetic overhaul. The metal was in too bad shape for me to do a cold blue, so I took it to a local gunsmith for a professional hot blue job. While this was being done, I keep the wood for a good refinish. Sorry I didn't take many pics during the process but this is what I have.

After initial take apart

After cleaning, sanding, and applying 1st coat of MinWax GunStock stain

After 3-4 coats of TruOil with 300 grain sanding in between each

The right side of the stock had a deep gash. I tried applying wood filler but it didn't absorb the stain very well. I decided to leave it as is just as a reminder of how bad off the rifle was

After 10 or so coats of TruOil

I was satisfied after 20 or so coats of TruOil. This was after I applied Meguiar's Gold Class Carnauba Plus Paste Wax

At last...the metal came back from the gunsmith and the rifle was put back together. I also put a Weaver Classic 4x38 on top of it