Well, I posted something simalar to this a few days ago. After hunting pretty thoroughly during Thanksgiving I came home each day empty handed for the third Thanksgiving season in a row. Very discouraging to me, Thanksgiving week used to be my killing week, now I guess I have my standards set so high It will be probably one kill every ten years lol!
Well we have 200 + or - acres. This is year five and it seems to be getting worse as far as overall deer sightings go. I have already said in an earlier post what we have harvested and you would think we would start to see a difference in year five.
I guess I have came to my conclusion, and should have known all along, that this little land is just not possible at all to get older deer.
We have even been pushing the killing of does very hard and have killed alot. I think it has been around 20 total does killed off this place for the almost five years we have had it. I did not think it would hurt, only help, but I think it has hurt because of our overall deer sightings are down.
the summer we bought the place and the first two deer seasons were filled with deer. Sometimes see 8-10 does together at one time. The average sighting now seems to be an old doe or two with their offspring. I am beggining to wonder if we have killed too many? Or am I overthinking it and trying to hard to get a big buck?
I have no idea what the neighboring hunters do. I do know that we have neighbors that hunt, do not hear them shoot all the time, but do know that alot of this little bucks we let walk do not last.
I know it is hard for yall that are not with me to advise me, but from what yall can read, what ya think?
Sorry for another long story.