which is more common - accidental shoulder blade shot or liver/gut shot? I have yet to hit one in the shoulder blade but I have it more than one in the liver. thankfully it is a deadly shot but they don't always die very quickly and obviously not a shot I intentionally pick. But it makes me wonder now, am I shy of hitting the shoulder accidentally so I end up going farther back than I should? I know that in a couple instances my mistake was the deer was still moving but even on a still deer I have hit 2 that were standing still in the liver or lung/liver and they died but I wondered why I pulled the shot. Perhaps just user error by chance has hit them far back rather than in the shoulder. But I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the same thing or if it's different for everyone. Are shoulder blade shots, or liver shots more common among bad shot placement?
Haven't been this excited about deer season

...since last deer season