On Monday, November 19, I took my biggest buck to date. I had been hunting him during ML season with no luck. There was plenty of sign, but it all seemed old (maybe done during bow). That morning I saw a doe being pushed by a small buck. She ran off in a big hollow and I thought to myself, “Yes, go run around in there for awhile and see who you can find.” They hadn’t returned in a couple of hours, so I got down and placed my Summit at the mouth of the side hollow that I use to get to the ridge (don’t leave my stand in an area that I am hunting when I am not there and don't want to carry it in/out for the long walk each time). Then I walked out a different way to look for fresh sign. I found a fresh, big rub line on a point that I had not hunted and decided that I would hunt there that evening. While scouting, I fell and my gun hit the ground. I had to shoot it at lunch to make sure it was still zeroed…more on that later. On my way to lunch, my wife informed me that our car was having some problems, so I decided to have that checked out since I was already off from work. It was late once all that was done, but I still wanted at least get setup for the next morning hunt so I hurried to the woods. I was walking up the side hollow at about 3:10PM to get my stand, when I heard a noise. I look up to see a doe run off the hill (coming from the big hollow), cross about 40 yards from me, and go up the other side and continue out of sight. I noticed her tongue was flapping in the breeze as she went by..lol. I knew there was a buck behind her, so I started to watch were she came from. I could hear him coming! As soon as I saw this buck come off the hill, I thought to myself “You are shot!” I flipped my covers off my scope and readied for the only clear shot I had (I was standing in the middle of a thicket). He was still running hard just before the opening, so I made the loudest bleat that I could with my mouth. He actually slid to a stop right in the opening. I threw up the gun, but I couldn’t see him. What was going on? I kept looking…NOTHING! Remember that I shot the gun earlier? I had left it on 24x and he was at 40yards…lol. I had one eye on the deer (who was looking in my direction) and one eye on my scope as I turned it down. To my surprise, he actually started coming toward me! When I shouldered the gun again, he saw me, but it was too late. I shot him dead in the chest at about 30yards and he fell on the spot. He has an 18-1/2” inside spread. His jawbone aged him at 3.5yr old. I was extremely proud and lucky to get him. Anyone want to try guessing score for practice? We quickly measured and have a rough gross.

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