I had been told earlier this year that 4 mature deer were crossing near the area that I hunt. I set up in the nastiest thicket around and passed a few to get a shot at this one. I was actually watching another buck and trying to see exactly what he was when I heard a bleat off to my left. I had the grunt tube and decided to hit it and see if the deer I was watching would move a little as he was behind some really thick brush. I blew a short series of grunts and immediately caught movement to my left from where I heard the bleat. I saw a set of horns raise up above the brush and head out parallel to me. The buck that I was watching got nervous and eased away. Saw or heard nothing for about 5 minutes so I grunted again and heard heavy foot steps heading through the thicket. THe deer came directly to the tree and because it was so thick he came in to about 50 yds and was hidden behind a big cedar. I had only caught glimpses of him but he was head down and bristled up and ready to fight. He stopped at 50 yards and started looking side to side for his oppenent but I had no shot. I turned my head backwards away from him and grunted once more and it was on. He stomped to within 15 yds before I could shoot and I stopped him with a mouth grunt. The angle was almost straight down as I was about 28 ft up. I pulled up on him and fired but he never moved, just stood looking around. It seemed like forever but probably wasnt but a few seconds and he casually turned to leave I saw him stumble and I hit him again and down he went. I still hadnt got a really good look at the rack as I purposely didnt study him once I determined he was a shooter. I climbed down and for the first time in a while I experienced no ground shrinkage. He has 12 scorable points and a ton of mass. He appears to be fully mature and I am very proud of him.