Well, I did it again. Off all Thanksgiving week, and yesterday, and have nothing to show for it, deer wise anyway. Thought I'd get fancy and it cost me a good 110+ 8 pt....among other bucks I could have taken. Had a little doe come in on opening day, chased by a spike. I watched for a few min, and the thought started to cross my mind that there could be some action....Wham here he came! Across from the other ridge to see what the commotion was all about. I stood up and he stopped in some thick stuff about 50 yds out, and I still had my rifle in hand, at my side. When he bolted out, I knew he was a shooter for me, but thought I'd get fancy and make a sound to get him to stop, instead of getting on him and squeezing the shot off. Bad mistake for those mtn deer I guess, he kept on gettin it after that doe and ran the spike off from her, and I just watched as he zigged and zagged thru the timber after her, and out of sight. Then, had a pretty good 7pt come right up to my stand within 15 yds, but was still hoping the good 8 would somehow circle back thru. Fast forward to the eve hunt. Had another spike come thru, then a good 7 again, the same one, or so I thought, wrong. A dandy 7 pt with split main on the right side, I hesitated again, and he was gone. What in the dang world is wrong with me?! I have a hard time taking the shot when it is presented, and have to continually tell myself to take the shot when it is there, take it! Take it! And yet again, I missed a good opportunity, a couple of'em. Anyway, good to be back, headin out into the forum to read up on what I've missed being out.

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