I killed this one the last day of muzzleloader. After a muzzleloader causing me 3 big deer out of the last 5 years, I broke down and bought a new TC Omega. Absolutely love it.

Got out to the stand I hung in July. Haven't been back in there since. I got out there about 5:15. Dropped my climber and my lunch off about 1/2 way to my stand and was planning on getting down about 11 and going to eat where I dropped that stuff off then go to a different location and just stay out all day. At 6:45 I had a 2 1/2 yo 8 pt come in down below me and was tearing up trees and pulling them out of the ground. Ears laid back and pi$$ed about something. I wasn't going to shoot him but was scoping him making sure he was the buck I thought he was from on the camera. Then there was a bigger buck that came walking behind him but was in a thicket and couldn't tell his size but he looked older. As I was watching them, I heard something behind me and looked and saw a doe crest the hill. Then here came another doe behind her. I was keeping tabs on them and the 2 bucks in my scope......until I saw this guy behind those 2 does. I did a 180 in my stand and waited for a clear shot. Hit him right in the heart from 100 yards and he ran about 50 yards.

No giant but was glad to get him....

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