What a weekend.Saw plenty of deer,a little chasing,had a good time.Both of these were killed this morning,Monday.Both were misssed on the first shot!

The 9 pt,was a couple minutes behind a doe,was missed,ran off a little,and then my buddy Mark made a good shot.

Mine the 8 pt,was most unlikely.I was getting down,we had work to do.Had let my rifle down,was getting my stuff together,and noticed a doe bedded behind me,20 yards.

So up came the rifle,and she stood up.After 25 minutes or so,I decided to try something,thinking maybe a buck was with her.So,I grunted a couple times,used the can bleat thing,she did nothing.BUT HE DID! \:\) He made a circle to get down wind,and I shot,missed,he stood still,second shot dropped him!

Better look at my friends buck,lots of mass,long points.
The best day to plant a tree,IS TODAY!

You wont know,if you dont go!