I hunt on my farm of 235 acres - consisting of about 65 acres of continuous woods, 10 acres of "overgrown field" with new oaks and fruit trees(planted 2yrs ago), various fence rows, sinkholes etc. while the rest is pastures and row crop fields. It is surrounded by similar farm land. Point is that there is an abundance of Summer feed for the deer with the row crops(beans or corn) but as soon as the combines leave the fields in the Fall it all changes drastically. I plant about 10 acres of food plots - about half of which stay green through the Winter trying to keep the deer fed year round.

My concern is that in my woods you can stand anywhere and see evidence of deer browsing. The tip of every greenbriar, bush, every young tender plant has been nipped off by a deer. I don't think it's a browseline as I've heard it described before where you can actually see it across the woods as a void of all greenery below a certain point but I'm afraid I'm getting close to that. I'd like to practice QDM as a whole as much as possible but at the same time, I don't want to excessively shoot does if it's not warranted because I like seeing deer when I hunt! And I'm still not to the point where does are seen everytime I hunt.