Well got in the stand bout 610 this morning quiet compared to thursday morning. Alil after 7 i see a big body walk thru the tree line bout 30 yrds away but couldnt tell if it was buck or doe hoping it would step but never did then bout 830 i hear more leaves crunching thinkin it had returned but never could see what it was so i turned around an see a doe bout 30-40 yards grabbed the gun pull it up an SMACK i hit the stand door. The doe ran back alil bit then came back but couldnt see good bc the tree limb then next to her another comes out i scope her out an take her straight down. After dragging her to the vehicle im on the phone with my wife i look up after standing there for amin an i see whats looks to be a 6 maybe an 8 at bout 70yrds i tell her gotta go hes watching me ease over to get me a shell couldnt tell if he was trying to charging or just investigating by the time i get my shell he slowly walks off i go to where he was but couldnt see him. Sad me but least i got one tho.