Day after thanksgiving this guy snuck up on me. I was sitting in the stand when I heard something under me. When I looked I was startled and sorta jumped. He saw movement and ran about 30 yards and stopped. I took the shot an turns out my scope was bumped and shooting a foot or so the the left resulting in a gut shot. He ran into the woods so I gave him a good 2.5 hours and went in after him. There was a heavy blood trail for about 300 yards then it went cold. Only finding a drop every 10 yards or so after that. After looking for 2.5 hours I headed back to eat lunch and returned to continue my search. Finally an hour later I found him. About a mile from where he was shot. I felt so bad for the poor guy. First time I've ever not dropped a deer. Will be sure to sight in scope and regularly check it from now on. He had (at one time) a double tine on the left will post a picture later of the back so you can see where is broke off.