Yesterday, while hunting public land, I gut shot a big 8 point. While tracking blood I hear 3 shot in the direction of the blood trail not far from me. I walked up on this guy. I asked him if he saw a big deer come through. He said no. Said he just shot a five point. He tells me good luck with the tracking and we say our goodbyes. An hour later my blood trail runs into pieces of toilet paper on the ground.Ive only gone about 50 yards from where I talked to the guy. I run out of blood and start walking around,when I walk up on his 5 point, field dressed. I go back and start trailing again. Then I find the deer I shot, field dressed! I have no cell phone service. I took pics of the buck and left. It was a nice buck. Ive got a bigger one on the wall. Im just mad that the guy lied to me. And left me to keep tracking knowing the 8 point was only 75 yards from where we were standing. I didnt stay because Im sure he went to get a buddy and a cart and i didnt want a confrontation in the woods over a deer. I called the game warden and gave him what i thought was the guys tag number. GW said there was not enough proof to go on. GW did call me back and say that he ran the tag and the guy did check in an 8 point. Win some lose some i guess. Just had to rant a little. Thanks for reading.