Thats about how I feel right now,like a wore down rutt crazed buck in january..LOL I've been having a rough season,so i've been hunting this past week hard.I've hunted every day since opening of gun season except Monday.My throat has turned sore,and I have a raw feeling in my stomach that started yesterday and im just plain tired..

Had intentions of not hunting tomorrow,but after hunting this morning and haveing 2 does pushed passed me by a buck,then followed by the buck chaseing another doe all over a hill side to my right,I have since changed my plans for tomorrow...Gonna HUNT some more..LOL Back to the same stand as this morning.Did a little scouting on that hill side and found rubs gallore all over it,some big ones to. Hope he comes back through that funnel in the morning.Because frankly im wore out.LOL
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