After just missing out on a used Summit Viper here on the For Sale board, decided to bite the bullet and get a new one. (I have a relative with heavy deer infestation-they are like rabbits!, that you just can't get near with a bow. Not unusual to see a dozen skinny deer in the backyard. As it is in a neighborhood, bow is only option.)
Ended up with the "Crush" version from BassPro. Bought on Wed and practiced with it a couple of times on Thu. Super easy and very safe and comfortable. On Fri, put it up and was ready to go at 0530. At 0615, it was all over. A few more, does next time, and this herd will be more under control.
Like others, I highly recommend this climber.

To a deer, every human is a stump.
To a turkey, every stump is a human.